Here are some tips provided by Dr.Surendra's IAS Academy for the IAS aspirants to crack civil services exam easily.

1. BASIC KNOWLEDGE SHOULD BE BOUNTEOUS :- There ought to be a high quality of basic information on every specific subject, particularly in NCERT. lots of queries square measure asked from several subjects like current affairs, Indian history, Geography, Ecology, diversity, and surroundings, therefore they ought to be completely ready by the aspirant. Candidates tend to point out casual behavior, in prelims as a result of the queries square measure objective primarily based, however, the queries square measure mystified and therefore the aim of providing such a matter is to examine the I.Q level of aspirants thorough, so equal priority ought to incline to an exam.

2. TAKE REVISION TWICE BEFORE EXAMS :-  Judge your weakness and strength within the individual subject and don`t let any stone right-side-out whereas revision. provide importance to each topic and be thorough during this manner that any question asked is often answered ofttimes with none hesitation.

3. HARD COPY SHOULD BE PREPARED OF NOTES :- Making of the notes plays an important role and consumes enough of your time throughout examination periods. Notes written in own handwriting facilitate to revise ideas frequently; thus, it's wise to organize notes particularly on topics that square measure troublesome for the aspirant. creating notes conjointly creates an image of the individual issue in an exceedingly simpler method

4. ASPIRANT SHOULD SOLVE PREVIOUS YEAR SAMPLE PAPERS :- Solving previous years paper creates up to a picture in the aspirant mind regarding the masking pattern in the UPSC test conjointly the chance of respondent the question with error become goose egg. throughout the test, time plays a vital role therefore, resolution up the sample paper provides a transparent plan for maintaining up the speed in the UPSC test.

5. HAVE A PROPER SLEEP AND BE CONFIDENT :- During the examination, periods candidates build a silly mistake i.e. correct sleep. Sleep plays a necessary role, because it generates up new recent body cell that helps the candidate within the thinking method and accelerate the boldness level and while not confidence may be achieved therefore it's important for each candidate to require correct sleep.

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