Democracy election is a way to ensure government accountability, citizen involvement in governance, and thus make citizens ultimately sovereign.
But during the elections, India is witnessing several democracy-threatening issues. Recent ones are the following:

Institution-related :- The weakness of the electoral commission in managing electoral crimes and dubious parties. as an example, there's no power to acknowledge any party

Non-commitment by political parties to transparency as within the case of refusal of RTI

Structural issues :- Debate on holding concurrent elections
Question by a section of politicians on the effectiveness / tampering of EVMs
Lack of transparency in the financing of election bonds
Allowing the party to accept donations from abroad

Campaign related :- Fake news threat that leads to misinformed citizens
Hate news to create social polarization in the name of religion, caste, language, etc.
Paid news also vitiated the fair campaign

Others :- Besides the above-mentioned issues, also old concerns have surfaced like:
Politics criminalization
Use of money and muscle strength
Use of money in black
Low turnout of voters etc

Reasons :- Some of the main reasons behind these problems are:
Illiteracy and lack of awareness of democratic rights / duties among citizens
Apathy and vested interests of political parties (as in RTI)
Not keeping pace with changing technology (like fake news, paid news)

Way forward :- Make the committee a holistic law, empower it to penalise.
Funding: set a ceiling on funding for political parties, take into account government funding (as counseled by the Gupta Committee)
Make sure the model code of conduct is enforced effectively for info, the hate campaign
"One year, one choice" as a midway purpose

India, that continues to be burdened with economic condition, deficiency disease and underdevelopment, cannot bear a vicious election resulting in corrupt leaders.